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February 5, 2022

Lookout Mountain Colorado Couple Session

For Ryan and Emma’s one year anniversary we went to Lookout Mountain, Colorado for their couples session to watch the sun set over the hills. They met working the same internship early on in college. Ryan proposed by setting ups note and a cute outfit in her house while she was out with a friend. The note said ” meet me here.” And he proposed on a balcony in a big building in Texas overlooking the water.

It was a gorgeous late summer evening in September just before sunset as we walked, frolicked and did some piggy back rides throughout the trail from one overlook to the other. When we reached the second overlook it was blue hour (the hour after sunset) and gave off a beautiful blue hue. Since it’s a mountain trail there were no lights so we hiked back up to the parking lot in the pitch dark with just our phones flash lights. Haha.

Sunset couple session on lookout mountain Colorado
Lookout Mountain Colorado Couple Session during sunset
Lookout Mountain Colorado Couple session
Romantic Couple Session on Lookout Mountain Colorado
Adventurous Couple Session on Lookout Mountain, Colorado
Lookout Mountain Colorado Couple Session

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