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December 5, 2021

Intimate Backyard Wedding | Bowling Green, KY

Jamie and Dennis had a GORGEOUS, intimate backyard wedding in Bowling Green, Kentucky that looked straight out of a magical, romantic forest.

It was the hottest and most humid day in Kentucky in the backyard of a close friend of Jamie and Dennis. Before the day, his backyard was a dense forest with rocky terrain. Within a few months the entire space was cleared of trees, rocks moved to the sides and it was perfectly sloped so guests could see the ceremony without tilting to the side. Dennis is from Germany so a German Flag flew with the American Flag made it easy for me and guests to know they made it to the correct location ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jamie, and her brother/best man (no bridesmaids!) opened a bottle of champagne in matching robes (scroll down to see how awesome he rocks dragons). Then helped tie the ribbon on her dress. Moments later Jamie and Dennis had their first look on the platform where they were to get married and instead of tapping him gives him a hug and guys, it made me CRY.

After their first look we drove over to an agricultural center and ran around in some vineyards, made silly faces and took a moment to enjoy the cool breeze from the fan coming from the greenhouse. Their friend and owner of the house officiated in front of their closest family and friends crying and then laughing when Jamie had trouble putting on his ring (notice that the excited woman put the ring on the wrong hand ;)) Everyone immediately went to cocktail hour on the side yard, played corn hole, kids played soccer and I witnessed a guest shotgunning a beer. You know, all the German things ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Halfway through dinner Dennis comes over to me and calmly says โ€œMy bride has been kidnapped.โ€ Turns out this is a German tradition when the groomsmen kidnap the bride, take her to a random bar somewhere in town and it’s the grooms job to find her with clues he’s given. This started in small towns where the groom has to walk from bar to bar and if she isnโ€™t there then he has to pay for everyones next round. If he finds her then he still has to pay for the next round. Thankfully for Dennis, we were in a big town and he was given the coordinates so we drove to the bar and found Jamie playing pool with all the guys. Dennis paid for the whole groups round, played a few more rounds of pool, had some beer and went back to the party. lol

Jamie and Dennis, to say your wedding was utter perfection and my absolute favorite summer, backyard wedding is the understatement of the century. It was incredible that most of your guests flew across the world to celebrate you and they were all the most kind and polite people ever. You guys focused on what was important on a wedding day- to have your day be truly about you, surrounded by your closest family and friends without all the fluff. I love you two goofballs so much. Congratulations!! Xoxox 

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