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Wedding Photographer based in

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Tn Wedding Photographer, Rachel Lombardi

Hiiii I'm Rachel!!

You can find me eating ice cream all year round, taking selfies with my kitty Mr. Darcy who's very spoiled, and drinking matcha tea lattes. I'm a born and raised Southern California girl who now lives in Nashville and loves the New York Yankees (insert girl shrugging emoji).

Wanna Know More?!

My Approach

I’M SO EXCITED YOU’RE HERE!  Welcome to my corner of the universe where the puns are many and theres plenty of matcha tea lattes to go around!

First things first, we’re gonna be best friends. I will show up to your wedding day as a friend and greet you with a big hug, not just a vendor thats strictly business. I’m ALL in for the crazy, silly, candid, personality- driven moments. Stiff and perfectly posed stuff is NOT my jam! 

Expect a lot of gifs, emojis and exclamation points in our texts, me asking all the details of your love story together, and throwing in a pun or dad joke. Life’s too short to be so serious all the time. 

I will laugh, cry and dance with you, help with the wedding day timeline, location scout for your engagement session, and make sure we have all the family portrait groups planned out before the day arrives. I got you, 1000%

Lovin’ what you’re reading’?? AWESOME! Let’s get this party started!

"That personal connection made it very easy to open up."

“Rachel was wonderful to work with! We can’t recommend her enough. We lived in New York at the time we were planning our wedding in Nashville and Rachel took the time to FaceTime with us so we could get to know her before our wedding day on a more personal level. That personal connection made it very easy to open up on our wedding day when it came time for photos. She has a fun-loving personality and really set us at ease, which allowed her to capture so many beautiful photos. We also loved how in advance of the wedding, we got to go over a list of all the family photos we wanted to take so we could make sure that nothing was missed in the chaos of our wedding day. Our favorite photos are all the candid photos she captured both at the wedding and at the reception. We love looking through them and reliving the night! We’re amazed she was able to capture everything without us even realizing we were being photographed! We are so glad we made the investment of hiring such a professional photographer for our wedding. We love to look back at the photos and know we will enjoy them for years to come.” – Sara & Andrew

bride and groom portraits after first look in Nashville