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October 15, 2021

Rock Island Couple Session | East Tennessee

I met Murat and Nicole at the BEST Turkish restaurant in Nashville where they both work. Me and my boyfriend, Chris are regulars there and we quickly became friends 🙂

These two wanted to see a unique waterfall so I took them to Rock Island in East Tennessee for their couple session where the forecasted snow decided to hold off for the day. Murat and Nicole are silly, spontaneous and kind humans who had literally no problem climbing over slippery, muddy rocks to get closer to the falls. The loud roar of the falls made it feel epic but also hilarious as I screamed “kiss!” as a few nature photographers were nearby.

Murat and Nicole met in Turkey, where they are both from. Nicole was walking her dogs when Murat started walking towards them and her dogs immediately got excited when they saw Murat…. They both joke that the dogs picked him!

Tell me in the comments below what you think of this session and if you’d wanna be down for a waterfall adventure too!

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