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October 5, 2021

Butterfly House Proposal | Huntsville, Alabama

Audra is obsessed with butterflies so what better way to propose than at the Butterfly House in Huntsville, Alabama?

Noah and Audra met at church two years ago but started spending a lot of time together outside of youth group. The timing wasn’t right at first: They both were in different relationships and Audra went to college in Arkansas. It wasn’t until Audra came back on fall break that Noah took her to a symphony. They started a long distance relationship and she transferred back home. Audra said it’s for a lot of reasons, but Noah really knew it was for him 😉

Thankfully, Audra had never met me before this day so I was able to get close enough to snap some photos of them looking at the butterflies. When Noah signaled that he was ready, I jumped from behind a bush as he got down on one knee. We had the best time frolicking around, doing piggy back rides, and going under hollow bushes (peek photo below).

Congratulations Audra and Noah!!

Couple sitting on rock near a waterfall almost kissing

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